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This is my ringing endorsement for everything P.O.S. This guy is one of the best artists in the game. Check out his latest album: We Don’t Even Live Here.

Check out the latest videos from the album:

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Just Jack - Overtones

Jack Allsopp’s latest effort, Overtones, is definitely worth a listen. One of the best albums of the year…hands down.

2007 sophomore album from Jack Allsopp AKA Just Jack. 12 tracks that bristle with razor-sharp lyrics, shimmering melodies and incandescent beats which sees him take the sum of his individual influences and turn them into this unique, genre-hopping, jump-up album, including the singles ‘Writer’s Block’ & ‘Starz In Their Eyes’.

Definitely a little different. Sort of a mixed, but likable, sound influenced by hip-hop, disco, electronic, and who knows what else. I also dig the accent and English subtleties in language. Just Jack’s first album was what got me hooked. I first heard Snowflakes (Cured by Temple of Jay remix) on Morning Becomes Eclectic a long time ago, bought the album The Outer Marker, and have been hooked ever since. Anyhow, check out both albums, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…

Sound bitesAs If We Existed (mp3) and Mark It Place (mp3)

Just Jack :: Writer’s Block

Just Jack :: Starz in Their Eyes

Sol.iLLaquists of Sound

/soul il e kwists uv ‘saund/
n. 1 a play on words describing an individual whose efforts in searching for one’s self reveal his/her soul to an audience often through some type of art medium. 2 One who recognizes his/her self and the reflection of self in those around them. see also Swamburger, Alexandrah, DiViNCi, and Tonya Combs…

“A thinking person’s brand of the genre – imagine Digable Planets or The Fugees with greater dynamics and a bigger chip on their shoulders – Sol.iLLaquists of Sound look to change the world one listener at a time. Leaving music lovers well-grooved, duly enlightened and – quite possibly – inspired, The Sol.iLLaquists are a family based on likeness of mind and because of it are, in many ways, more functional than any unit based on bloodline alone. ” – Lifted from biography at ANTI- records.

Taking hip-hop to a new level. Tough to find a complete album these days…almost every song on “As If We Existed” is hot. Check ’em out at the following sites:

Nonsense Records:
ANTI- Records:
Sound bitesAs If We Existed (mp3) and Mark It Place (mp3)

Welcome to The Forest of Sound…where I let you know about the “trees” I’ve heard drop and feel are worth (or maybe even absolutely not worth) a listen.